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How to Get Facebook App ID and Secret to Configure Facebook Comments Moderation?

If you are using Facebook Comments Moderation plugin or Fancy Comments Pro plugin for Facebook Comments Moderation, follow the steps mentioned below to create Facebook App ID and Secret to save in the moderation settings.

Steps To Configure Facebook Comments Moderation

  1. Navigate to Facebook Developers section and login to your Facebook account, if you are not logged in already. This should not be your business account.
    If you are here first time, you will see the screen shown in the screenshot below. If  you have created apps before, move to step 3.Facebook Login - Facebook Developer
  2. Select the role that describes you betterRegister as Facebook DeveloperClick Create App button and navigate to step 4.Facebook Login - Create First App
  3. Click My Apps and then click “Create App” link
  4. Select Build Connected Experiences and click ContinueHow Are You Using Your App
  5. Specify the name of your app in App Display Name option (You can enter whatever name you like, but it’s recommended to enter your website or company name in this field), specify your App Contact Email, select a business manager account if you have one and click Create App ID buttonCreate an App ID
  6. Click Set Up in “Facebook Login” sectionFacebook Login - Add a Product
  7. Select Web Facebook Login Web
  8. Open your website homepage (at which you have installed the plugin) in browser, click the address bar so that website url gets highlighted, copy this url and paste it in Site URL option. Please make sure that this url includes http:// or https:// (for example: or
    Click Save button
  9. Navigate to Settings > Basic section from the left sidebarFacebook Login Basic Settings
    Click Show button in front of App Secret in Settings > Basic section in the left sidebar. Copy App ID and App Secret  and paste these in the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret options in the Moderation section in plugin settings.Facebook Login Basic Settings
  10. Click In development button
  11. Click Switch Mode in the Switch to Live Mode popupFacebook Login Live Mode

Super Socializer Configuration

After installing the Super Socializer plugin, you can navigate to the relevant section from Super Socializer configuration menu in the left sidebar in the admin area, depending upon which feature you want to use.

Super Socializer Configuration – Social Sharing

Super Socializer Configuration - Social Share

To integrate social share icons at your website, navigate to Super Socializer > Social Sharing page in admin. By default social share icons are enabled at your posts and pages. You can go through each option here and customize social sharing from this section. Every option has (?) icon before it that you can click to get more detailed info about that option.

NoteIf you have enabled Facebook in the social share bar and have enabled share counts, you need to save Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret in the Miscellaneous section for Facebook share count to work. Here are the steps to get Facebook App ID and Secret.

Super Socializer Configuration – Social Login

Super Socializer Configuration - Social Login

To let your website visitors login at your website using their social media accounts, you can integrate Social Login icons at your website from Super Socializer > Social Login page in admin.

Super Socializer Configuration – Social Commenting

Super Socializer Configuration - Social Commenting

To let your website visitors comment using their Social Media accounts, you can integrate Social Commenting at your website from Super Socializer > Social Commenting page in admin area.

Super Socializer Configuration – Like Buttons

Super Socializer Configuration - Like Buttons

If you want to integrate like, tweet, share buttons offered by social networks as is without any customization, you can integrate these buttons from Super Socializer > Like Buttons page in admin area.

Super Socializer Configuration – Social Media Follow ButtonsSuper Socializer Configuration Follow Icons

You can integrate the Super Socializer – Follow Icons widget from Appearance > Widgets page in admin area.

Check out the live demo of Super Socializer here