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Social Comments Shortcode

If you are using Heateor Social Comments plugin, you can use [Heateor-SC] Shortcode in the content of required page/post where you want to display Social Comments.

Note: Use CTRL/CMD + Shift + V to paste any of the shortcodes below into your WordPress editor to avoid errors!



You can use following attributes in the Shortcode


Use style attribute to style the comments interface


[Heateor-SC style="background-color:#000;"]

Enable Social Comments without default comment form?

If you are using Super Socializer plugin to enable Social Comments, follow the steps mentioned below to disable default comment form from Social Comments.

Change the Order of tabs in commenting interface in Social Commenting section at Super Socializer > Social Commenting page to facebook,wordpress,googleplus,disqus (keep WordPress at second place, arrange others according to your needs) and save changes.

Add following CSS in Custom CSS option at Super Socializer > General Options page in admin panel
      display: none;