How to Create Line Channel for Line Login?

  1. Navigate to Line Developer Portal and login via your Line account. If you don’t have a Line account, you need to create one first.
  2. Click Create button in front of Providers section.
  3. Name the provider. It should be related to your website. click on Register.
  4. Click on Create a LINE Login channel.
  5. Upload an icon (optional), enter Channel name and description. These details will be displayed to the website visitors in the Line login popup. These should be related to your website. Select Web app in App types, specify your email address,  agree to Line developers agreement. Click Create button.
  6. Click developing right below the title of the channel and click Publish.
  7. Click Edit button right below the Callback URL option in LINE Login section and
    If using Super Socializer plugin, save [HOMEPAGE_URL]/SuperSocializerAuth/Line
    If using Heateor Social Login plugin, save [HOMEPAGE_URL]/HeateorSlAuth/Line
    Replace [HOMEPAGE_URL] with url of homepage of your website. So, if url of the homepage of your website is, you need to save or as the callback url. Click Update button.

  8. Navigate to Basic Settings section, copy Channel ID and Channel secret and paste these in the Line Channel ID and Line Channel Secret options respectively, in the Social Login section of plugin.
  9. Line login won’t fetch user’s email address with other profile data. So, if you want to request it too along with other profile data, you can apply for this in the Email address permission option at the very bottom of Basic Settings section.