How to Get Dribbble Client ID and Client Secret?

Follow these steps to generate Dribbble Client ID.

  1. Go to link and login with your credentials and click Register your application button
    Dribbble Client ID - Create Dribbble App
  2. Provide all the details as mentioned below
    Name: Name of the app. Should be something relevant to the website where you are integrating the Dribbble login
    Description: Description of the app. Your website visitors will see this when using Dribbble login at your website first time. For example, this app uses the basic profile data of your Dribbble account to create your user account at this website
    Website URL: Enter the url of the homepage of your website in this field
    Redirect uri: Save exactly the following url in this option where
    HOMEPAGE_URL is the url of the homepage of your website
    If using Super Socializer plugin:
    If using Heateor Social Login plugin:
    For example, if your website is, you need to save or in this option
    Dribbble Client ID - Dribbble App Settings
  3. Click Register application button
  4. Copy the generated Client ID and Client Secret and save these in the Dribbble Client ID and Dribbble Client Secret options at the Social Login options page in the admin area
    Dribbble Client ID