How to Get Dropbox App Key and Secret?

  1. Go to Dropbox Developer Website and log into your Dropbox account
  2. Click on the Create App button on the first screen that appearsDropbox App Key - Create Dropbox App
  3. Provide a name for your Application. It should be the same as your website/business name as it will be shown to the users using Dropbox login at your website.
    Select App folder in the “Choose the type of access you need” option
    Create app.Dropbox App Key - Create Dropbox Application
  4. Fill up the details on the next screen.
  5. If HOMEPAGE is the URL of the homepage of your website, save exactly the following URL in the Redirect URIs option
    If using Super Socializer plugin, save HOMEPAGE/SuperSocializerAuth/Dropbox
    If using Heateor Social Login plugin, save HOMEPAGE/HeateorSlAuth/Dropbox
    After pasting the URL, press Add button right next to this option.
    For example, if your website is, you need to save or in this optionDropbox App Key - Dropbox App Secret
  6. Save the settings.
  7. You can copy the Dropbox App key and Dropbox App Secret and paste them on the plugin configuration page.