How to Get WordPress Client ID and Client Secret?

WordPress Client ID can be generated by following these steps.

  1. Visit the WordPress Developer Website
  2. Click on the Create New Application button
    Wordpress Client ID - WordPress Developer Dashboard
  3. Specify the following details
    Name: Name of your Application
    Description: A brief description of your application. For example, This application uses basic profile data of your account to create a user account at this website. This will be shown to your website visitors when they click the WordPress login icon the first time.
    Website URL: Url of the homepage of the website where you are integrating social login
    Redirect URLs: Save exactly the following url in this option where
    HOMEPAGE_URL is the URL of the homepage of your website
    If using Super Socializer plugin:
    If using Heateor Social Login plugin:
    Javascript Origins: Leave empty
    Answer the security question
    Select Web clients must be able to keep the generated secret private and should do all authenticated API calls server to server.
    Click Create button.
    Wordpress Client ID - WordPress App Settings
    Wordpress Client ID - WordPress Javascript Origins
  4. Optionally, you can specify the following details
    Icon: Upload an icon representing your website/business. This will be shown to the website visitors when they click the WordPress login icon first time
    Organization Name: Name of the organization that your website represents
    Organization Website: Url of the homepage of your website
    Click the Update button
  5.  Click the title of the app you just created at the top of the page. Copy Client ID and Client Secret from the OAuth Information section at the bottom of the page and paste in the WordPress Client ID and WordPress Client Secret options on the social login options page.
    Wordpress Client ID