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How to Get Discord Client ID and Secret?

  1. Navigate to Discord Developer Console
  2. Click New Application button
  3. Specify the name of your application. Ideally, it should be the name of your website/business at which you will integrate the Discord login
  4. Click Create button
  5. Save the following details
    App Icon: (Optional) Upload an icon representing your website/business
    Description: Description of the website where you are implementing Discord login
    Interactions Endpoint URL: Leave empty
    Terms of Service URL: URL stating terms of service of your website
    Privacy Policy URL: URL stating privacy policy of your website
    These details will be shown to the users using Discord login at your website
  6. Navigate to Oauth2 section from the left sidebar
  7. Click Add Redirect button in the Redirects section
    If you are using Super Socializer plugin, add the URL https://website.com/SuperSocializerAuth/Discord
    If you are using Heateor Social Login plugin, add the URL https://website.com/HeateorSlAuth/Discord
    where https://website.com is the URL of your website.
  8. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste in the corresponding options at the social login configuration page.