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Fancy Facebook Comments Pro Shortcode

If you are using Fancy Facebook Comments Pro plugin, follow the steps mentioned below to enable Facebook Comments in the content of individual page/post.

Fancy Facebook Comments Shortcode

You can use [Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro] Shortcode in the content of required page/post where you want to display Facebook Comments interface.


You can use following attributes in the Shortcode


Use style attribute to style the rendered interface

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro style="background-color:#000;"]


Use title attribute to specify title above commenting interface.

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro title="Comment Time!"]


Use url attribute to specify the target url for comments. This defaults to the page where shortcode is used.

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro url="http://mywebsite.com/page2"]


Use heading_tag attribute to specify the HTML tag for the title text. This defaults to “div”.

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro title="Fancy Facebook Comments" heading_tag="h3"]


Use num_comments attribute to specify the number of comments to display.

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro num_comments="5"]


Use order_by attribute to control the order of comments being displayed in the Facebook Comments interface.

Possible values:

  • social: Default. Top comments first.
  • reverse_time: Latest comments first
  • time: Oldest comments first

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro order_by="reverse_time"]


Use width attribute to specify the width of commenting interface. Omit it for fluid (auto-adjustable) width

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro width="200"]


Use language attribute to specify the language code for commenting interface. Leave it empty for default language(English)

[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro language="es_ES"]

You can use shortcode in PHP file as following

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘SHORTCODE’) ?>

Replace SHORTCODE in above code with the required shortcode like [Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro style=”background-color:#000;”], so the final code looks like following
<?php echo do_shortcode('[Fancy_Facebook_Comments_Pro style="background-color:#000;"]') ?>

Fancy Facebook Comments Pro Configuration

If you have already installed the Fancy Facebook Comments Pro plugin, following are the steps to configure it.

Fancy Facebook Comments Pro – Basic ConfigurationFancy Facebook Comments Pro Basic Configuration

Here you can configure the basic things, like font-size, font-family, background color of the Facebook comments box, placement of Facebook Comments box etc. The options are self-explanatory and if you want more details about any particular option, you can click the (?) icon before that option.

Moderation Options

Follow the steps mentioned below to moderate the Facebook Comments:

  1. Navigate to Moderation section at plugin options pageFancy Facebook Comments Pro Moderation Options
  2. Generate Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret as described here and save it in the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret options OR if you already have these, save in these options.
  3. After saving the Facebook App ID, you will see a link right below Facebook App ID option – “Go to moderation dashboard“. This link will redirect you to moderation dashboard where you will see the Facebook Comments made all over your website. If you are not able to see comments there, navigate to Facebook debugger tool and fetch new scrape information for the webpage for which you are having issues to see comments. After fetching new scrape information, refresh the moderation dashboard.
  4. Facebook App Secret is required only if you want to show recent Facebook Comments in a widget (Recent Facebook Comments) that you can enable from the Appearance > Widgets page in admin.Fancy Facebook Comments Pro - Recent Facebook Comments
  5. If you want to moderate the comments right from the webpage where comments are made, you can save your Facebook account numeric ID in the Moderator FB ID(s) option. Click the (?) icon before this option to get an idea about where to get the numeric ID associated to your Facebook account. After saving it and refreshing any webpage, you will see Moderation Tool option in the Facebook Comments interface at your webpage. If you don’t see it, you need to fetch new scrape information as mentioned in the step 3.
  6. Other options are self-explanatory. You can click the (?) icon before the individual option to get an idea about that particular option.

Notification Options

Follow the steps mentioned below to receive the email notification for the Facebook Comments:

  1. Navigate to the Notification tab at the plugin options page and Enable Email NotificationFancy Facebook Comments Pro Notification Options
  2. All the options are self-explanatory. If you need more details about any option, you can click the (?) icon before that option.

GDPR Options

Fancy Facebook Comments Pro GDPR Options In this section, you can configure the opt-in for the Facebook Comments to make it compatible to the EU-GDPR law.

myCRED Integration

Fancy Facebook Comments Pro myCRED IntegrationHere you can enable integration with myCRED plugin to reward website visitors for posting Facebook Comment.

Recent Facebook CommentsFancy Facebook Comments Pro Recent Facebook Comments

Recent Facebook Comments section shows the Facebook comments made at your website after installing the Fancy Facebook Comments Pro plugin. Comments posted at your webpages might or might not get saved here depending upon the privacy settings of the Facebook account of comment-poster.