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How to Get Foursquare Client ID and Secret?

  1. Visit the Foursquare developer website
  2. Click on the Create a new app button.Foursquare Client ID - Foursquare Developer
  3. Fill the details, save changes and if HOMEPAGE is the URL of the homepage of your website, save exactly the following URL in the Redirect URL option
    If using Super Socializer plugin, save HOMEPAGE/SuperSocializerAuth/Foursquare
    If using Heateor Social Login plugin, save HOMEPAGE/HeateorSlAuth/Foursquare
    For example, if your website is https://yourwebsite.com, you need to save https://yourwebsite.com/SuperSocializerAuth/Foursquare or https://yourwebsite.com/HeateorSlAuth/Foursquare in this optionFoursquare Client ID - App Settings
  4. After creating the App, you will be taken to a screen where you can copy Foursquare Client ID and Secret.Foursquare Client Id