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Enable Social Comments without default comment form?

If you are using Super Socializer plugin to enable Social Comments, follow the steps mentioned below to disable default comment form from Social Comments.

Change the Order of tabs in commenting interface in Social Commenting section at Super Socializer > Social Commenting page to facebook,wordpress,disqus (keep WordPress at second place, arrange others according to your needs) and save changes.

Add following CSS in Custom CSS option at Super Socializer > General Options page in admin panel

Social Comments Shortcode

If you are using Super Socializer plugin for Social Comments, follow the steps mentioned below to enable Social Comments interface in the content of individual page/post.

Social Comments Shortcodes

Facebook Commenting

You can use [TheChamp-FB-Comments] Shortcode in the content of required page/post where you want to display Facebook Commenting interface.


You can use following attributes in the Shortcode


Use style attribute to style the rendered commenting interface

[TheChamp-FB-Comments style="background-color:#000;"]


Use title attribute to specify title above commenting interface.

[TheChamp-FB-Comments title="Comment Time!"]


Use url attribute to specify the target url for comments. This defaults to the page where shortcode is used.

[TheChamp-FB-Comments url="http://mywebsite.com/page2"]


Use num_posts attribute to specify the number of comments to display.

[TheChamp-FB-Comments num_posts="5"]


Use width attribute to specify the width of commenting interface. Omit it for fluid width

[TheChamp-FB-Comments width="200"]


Use language attribute to specify the language code for commenting interface. Leave it empty for default language(English)

[TheChamp-FB-Comments language="es_ES"]

You can use shortcode in PHP file as following

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘SHORTCODE’) ?>

Replace SHORTCODE in above code with the required shortcode like [TheChamp-FB-Comments style=”background-color:#000;”], so the final code looks like following
<?php echo do_shortcode('[TheChamp-FB-Comments style="background-color:#000;"]') ?>

GooglePlus Commenting

You can use [TheChamp-GP-Comments] Shortcode in the content of required page/post where you want to display GooglePlus Commenting interface.

You can use title, style, url and width attributes in this shortcode as explained for Facebook Commenting above.