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How to Recover Facebook Comments Lost After Moving to Https/SSL?

If you had recently moved your WordPress website to Https/SSL, all your Facebook Comments would have been lost. Don’t worry, you can recover Facebook Comments by installing Facebook Comments Moderation add-on.

Note: If you are using Fancy Facebook Comments plugin to enable Facebook Comments at your website, you can add following code snippet in the functions.php file of your active WordPress theme to recover lost comments instantly:

 * Load comments for the non-SSL version of SSL urls
function heateor_ffc_custom_target_url( $post_url, $post ) {
    return str_replace( 'https://', 'http://', $post_url );
add_filter( 'heateor_ffc_facebook_comments_target_url', 'heateor_ffc_custom_target_url', 10, 2 );

After installing and activating the add-on, navigate to FB Comments Moderation page from left sidebar in admin area.Recover Facebook Comments - Add-On Options

Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret are mandatory to recover Facebook Comments and for Recent Facebook Comments functionality to work. You can save these in the corresponding options in Settings section. For more details on how to get these, click on the (?) icon before each option.

Recent Facebook Comments and Recovered Facebook Comments will only be saved for a particular webpage only after someone posts a Facebook Comment on that webpage. This is when the add-on fetches the relevant comments for that webpage and you would be able to moderate the fetched comments in Recent Facebook Comments and Recovered Facebook Comments sections at add-on options page.

You can set the default status of Recent Facebook Comments using Default status of the comments to be displayed in Recent Facebook Comments widget option. You can change the status of comments manually from Recent Facebook Comments section. Only the approved comments will appear in Recent Facebook Comments widget that you can enable from Appearance > Widgets page in admin area (See screenshot below)Recover Facebook Comments - Recent Facebook Comments Widget

You can choose how many comments to display from the total fetched comments in database in Recent Facebook Comments and Recovered Facebook Comments sections using Number of comments to display in ‘Recent Facebook Comments’ section and Number of comments to display in ‘Recovered Facebook Comments’ section options, respectively.

To recover the Facebook Comments lost after moving to Https/SSL, enable Recover Facebook Comments (if moved to SSL) option. Facebook Comments won’t be recovered without enabling this option. But remember, Facebook Comments will be recovered for a particular webpage only after someone posts a Facebook Comment on that webpage.

To show the recovered Facebook Comments at frontend for a webpage, enable Display recovered Facebook Comments at the webpages option. Only the approved comments will appear at frontend. You can change the status of recovered comments from Recovered Facebook Comments section at add-on options page